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Facebook automates network peering to enable smoother web traffic management

Facebook Inc.’s engineering team today revealed how they overcame one of the most time-consuming networking problems by automating a process called “network peering” which allows more efficient exchange of Internet traffic between different networks and service providers. In one blog post, Facebook engineers Jenny Ramseyer and Jakub Heichman explained that network peering involves sending internet […]

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OKC SEO Digital Marketing Agency Famous Web Marketing

Moore, OK, U.S., May 17, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Web Marketing Solutions is celebrating its 8th anniversary, which commemorates helping businesses grow tremendously even in the midst of a pandemic. This is a major milestone for Oklahoma City, Oklahoma-based digital marketing agency SEO, which has provided digital marketing to every business owner who really wants […]

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How Car Dealerships Can Convert Web Traffic Into High-Quality Leads

How can you effectively influence buyers in today’s online marketplace filled with so much of your competition? On today’s show we dive into this topic, we are pleased to welcome Ron Morrison, President and CEO of Pure Influencer. Pureinfluencer converts web traffic into leads for car dealerships. Pureinfluencer helps car dealerships achieve their business goals […]

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Zillow earnings beat forecast as housing boom boosts web traffic

Zillow Group reported better-than-expected first quarter results on Tuesday as the white-hot housing market fueled 2.5 billion visits to the Seattle-based company’s websites and apps. Scrolling Zillow has become a go-to activity for stuck-at-home Americans pondering real estate upgrades as low interest rates and a shortage of homes to buy fuel the pandemic housing market. […]