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3 Key Ways Web Accessibility Drives Growth For Your Brand

By Roy Gefen, CMO at accessiBe

Brands are in a constant state of competition. Awareness and attraction are two of the most expensive currencies to progress, and brands are doing everything in their power to grow. Typically, when it comes to growth, brands plan and execute unique marketing strategies, SEO and SEM practices, and similar activities that generate audience and business expansion.

While web accessibility isn’t typically a path brands take in their growth efforts, it’s time they saw the growth opportunity that web accessibility presents and understood that it’s about a compliance requirement to comply with ADA and WCAG 2.1 AA standards.

However, it is not only a legal obligation to implement web accessibility. It’s a smart business decision for brands and web development agencies and full-service agencies or businesses to welcome people with disabilities on their websites. Excluding the 25% of the population that lives with a disability can result in a loss of revenue or brand awareness that could otherwise gain a prolific and inclusive reputation with consumers and customers.

Web accessibility is the win-win solution for your brand that increases business benefits and ultimately drives growth in a few key areas that you might have overlooked before.

New audiences mean new revenue

Attracting a previously overlooked portion of the population that lives with disabilities potentially means increasing revenue streams by introducing your brand to the $1.2 trillion global purchasing power that people with disabilities hold. Web accessibility creates an improved user experience for everyone, making it easier for all consumers to add to cart and complete the customer journey. This, in turn, could allow you to reach your financial goals and see growth in your profits. This potential for increased revenue is only amplified through web accessibility practices that encourage long-term business relationships, which keep consumers coming back again and again.

Better reputation means greater loyalty

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI), alongside web accessibility, is no longer a “nice to have” but a “must-do” because people want to buy from inclusive brands. Consumer loyalty, especially during the influx of Gen Z consumers, relies heavily on alignment with the generation’s inclusive values ​​and beliefs. These consumers like to stick with a brand that includes everyone in its target audience. People with disabilities can also be among the most loyal consumers.

To put it simply, if brands produce accessible products or services, people with disabilities will return again and again to a website they have connected with and will also spread the word to their families and friends.

Advanced technology means better performance

Web accessibility creates a smoother user experience that can be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of disability. Easily transacting, interacting with a video, and understanding a marketing ad are all essential for the best online experience. The creation of digital properties and their actions, like these, open up a world of possibilities regarding website performance. SEO rankings and website traffic could potentially improve as your website becomes accessible to a wider audience, and click-through rates could also increase. To top it off, dwell times and bounce rates should experience a reduction.

Web accessibility enhances all of these metrics due to the seamless user experience and the overabundance of ways people with disabilities now have to appreciate what your brand offers.

Web accessibility is the way forward

Generating brand growth through increased awareness, inclusion and action is essential in both the business world and the online sector. And, what’s even better is that in our time, technology has ensured that web accessibility is a compliant and user-friendly solution that allows you to do the right thing while reinforcing the triumph of your mark. So say hello to search visibility, a new revenue channel, and a brand-loyal marketplace that will allow your brand to thrive on every level.