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Ahmedabad: MICA students return to offline internships after 2-year hiatus

Second-year students from MICA, Ahmedabad have returned to the company’s offices to do their internships offline this year as Covid-19 cases have seen a significant drop. This comes after being trapped behind their computer screens for virtual internships for almost two years.

Madhu Mohan TS, Head of Corporate and Alumni Relations at MICA, said, “This year’s internships provided students with the opportunity to interact, learn and engage with people in organizations. who may also be their future employers. This is a welcome change after two years of hibernation on screens and screen time alone. We hope this trend of hybrid models is here to stay.

For 2021-2023, MICA has seen an increase in the highest stipend available to its students for their 2-month summer internships. The FMCG sector offered the highest allocation at Rs 3.5 lakh vs. Rs 3.2 lakh offered last year, followed by the IT sector, offering Rs 2.5 lakh vs. Rs 2.4 lakh last year .

Similarly, the media and advertising sector recorded the highest allocation at Rs 1,60,000. Students were offered internships in sales and marketing, digital engagement, digital branding, marketing, market research, business development, corporate relations, online marketing, strategic research and market analysis.

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Sharing his experience, a second-year MICA student, Russian Bose, who completed an internship at Apollo Tyres, said: “My project involved executing and analyzing marketing initiatives with Sachin Tendulkar, Manchester United and other assets, as well as scope opportunities in rural sports, SUVs and two. – communities of riders.
For Pallavi Dwivedi, who interned at Disney-Star, the offline internship was a great way to engage with various stakeholders and networks. She said: “Working in a physical space allows for an immediate and collaborative environment that provides more opportunities for learning. At Disney-Star, I’ve had the opportunity to speak to people from all of the different departments that are part of this esteemed organization, which has been incredibly rewarding.

Sharing his experience of the offline mode, Krupa Mehta, who completed an internship at The Coca-Cola Company, said, “There is no online alternative for human connection, and I could feel his importance when I started working on my project. As a marketing intern working on such a large project as the FIFA World Cup, it was imperative to align with multiple teams and stakeholders which would not have been successful virtually.