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Akamai Achieves Record Web Traffic of 250 Tbps

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.—In a sign that Internet traffic continues to explode, Akamai set a new corporate record with web traffic delivered across its edge network peaking at 250 terabits per second (Tbps).

A high-profile sporting event and heavy downloading of video games were the main drivers, Akamai reported. in a blog post (opens in a new tab).

As background, Akamai noted that at 250 Tbps, a user could download every feature film ever made in 37 seconds. “Of course, it would take 51 consecutive years of uninterrupted viewing to watch them all,” the blog added.

The 250 Tbps milestone came just 13 months after Akamai surpassed 200 Tbps for the first time. In October 2019, the company passed the 100 Tbps milestone.

When the company broke the 200 Tbps traffic record, it asked employees to submit an idea of ​​how to explain those staggering numbers. After reviewing numerous submissions, the judges selected the movie analogy used here by Michal Janusinski, a senior infrastructure operations analyst based in Akamai’s Krakow office.

He now asks people for an appropriate analogy when they hit the 300 Tbps milestone. Ideas can be submitted here (opens in a new tab).

The “Every Feature Film Ever Made” comparison was based on an IMDb search of all feature films released since January 1, 1860, with a minimum running time of 60 minutes (268,000). The company assumed an average runtime of 100 minutes and an approximate size of 4 GB in Full HD quality.