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Amazon to shut down web ranking service, Alexa

Amazon announced it would shut down the Alexa.com service it had operated for 25 years, according to India time.

American e-commerce giant Amazon launched the Internet feature Alexa as a website ranking service in 1996, which is a paid subscription service with in-depth SEO analytics and insights.

This service offers a paid subscription with SEO research and analysis tools that will eventually stop providing website statistics and rankings in May 2022.

Amazon said that service’s API may also be disabled by the company in December 2022 after Alexa Internet shuts down. However, Amazon will allow its users to back up their Alexa internet data before the service is permanently shut down.

Bleeping Computers reports that Amazon confirmed its decision to shut down the web ranking service by May 2022 on a company support page.

The company mentioned on its support page: “After two decades of helping you find, reach and convert your digital audience, we have made the difficult decision to retire Alexa.com on May 1, 2022.”

Alexa Internet has stopped accepting new subscriptions since December 8, but existing customers will be able to access data until the service finally goes down.

Amazon introduced Alexa Internet in April 1996, with Alexa Traffic Rank (or Global Rank) becoming the service’s most popular metric, which provides users with an estimate of a certain website’s popularity.

The company will allow users to back up their data before the shutdown and will require customers to delete their Alexa.com account after the backup. The report also adds that the APIs for this service will be shut down in December 2022.

Amazon did not provide an official reason for shutting down the Alexa internet service. The report suggests that data from traffic analytics and marketing firm Semrush showed there has been a steady decline in the service’s traffic over the years. Alexa Internet’s Twitter and Facebook accounts have yet to be updated with news of the upcoming shutdown.