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American Heritage CU CEO to deliver ambulances and medical equipment to Ukraine

Bruce K. Foulke, president and CEO of the Philadelphia-based American Heritage Credit Union, brings relief and economic stability to Ukrainian refugees. This includes the purchase of ambulances (pictured above), to facilitate the evacuation of sick and injured Ukrainian citizens (Photo: American Heritage CU).

Shortly after Russian forces invaded Ukraine earlier this year, the president and CEO of the Philadelphia-based American Heritage Credit Union, Bruce Foulke, visited Ukrainian and Polish leaders from Eastern Europe. Foulke, along with retired WOCCU President/CEO Brian Branch, delivered first aid supplies to Ukrainian refugees during the humanitarian visit to Poland in March.

Seven months later and after raising $400,000, Foulke and Branch will return to Eastern Europe next week to deliver five ambulances and medical equipment for children’s hospitals in Ukraine.

In a statement from American Heritage ($4 billion in assets, 264,119 members), Foulke and Branch will make the humanitarian trip during the week of Oct. 24. During the trip, the two will also provide advisory support to the Polish credit union. aid program for Ukraine.

Foulke said: “Dr. Branch and I met with Polish and Ukrainian government officials and government officials as well as Polish credit union leaders to understand how and who we could help. Among the many demands was the need for ambulances to move wounded and sick refugees out of the war zone and to Polish hospitals.

According to information from American Heritage, “Ambulances are used to evacuate sick and injured Ukrainian citizens and to transport them from Ukraine to Polish hospitals and medical facilities so that they can receive safe and urgent medical attention.”

Foulke continued, “I am grateful to members of the credit union movement who have stepped up to support this cause, and we are honored to have this opportunity to help save the lives of children, pregnant women and of soldiers. Through our efforts, we expect to be able to deliver a total of at least 10 medical transport vehicles to the people of Ukraine.