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CONTRIBUTED CONTENT — Personalized service is the backbone of St. George Design, a website and marketing company launched in 2008.

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“What sets us apart is the one-on-one interaction,” said Adam Rue, owner of St. George Design. “Most web design companies and a lot of marketing companies are huge, so you’re going to get something sold to you by one person. You will be fulfilled by another person. You are just moved on the line.

Rue graduated from Southern Utah University in communications and marketing in the 1990s. After graduation, he returned to his hometown of Los Angeles and was employed at a court reporting company where he began doing website design. Rue taught himself how to run their website.

After working as a marketing manager for several other large companies, he returned to southern Utah and has since put his years of experience in marketing, web and graphic design to work for St. George Design clients. .

In 2019, Burkett joined the team as Rue’s partner. Also a graduate of Southern Utah University, Burkett has a master’s degree in professional communications and spent 20 years working as an award-winning professional photojournalist, reporter and editor before moving into marketing.

Rue handles websites and marketing, and Burkett focuses on social media and Google management and advertising. Clients know the person working on their account and working on their fulfillment.

St. George Design was established to provide web design and digital marketing to local small businesses. They provide an affordable way to maintain a business’s online presence.

“I think websites have become more important than ever,” Rue said. “A business without a website might as well not be open.”

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St. George Design has its own server to host client websites. Customers have access to the backend of their website, and if they make a change to their website, they can do it themselves whenever they want. However, for those who need a little more help, Rue offers to make minor changes for free under the “five minute rule”.

“I don’t want people to be afraid to call me. Like, ‘Oh my God, I have to call it, but it’s gonna cost me $50 or something.’ I don’t want people to be afraid to call me to ask about their website,” he said.

Rue said the biggest change he’s witnessed recently was how the pandemic has affected businesses. Before COVID, most businesses relied on foot traffic. When things stalled, businesses started realizing they needed a website.

“We’ve worked with so many restaurants and different businesses that didn’t have that web presence, and all of a sudden we needed it right away,” he said. “I think technology has come to the point where you need to have a website to support your business. No matter how tall or tall you are, you need to have some online presence for people to find you.

The company’s web design options combine bespoke digital marketing strategies. This combination gives small business owners the freedom to choose the level of service that meets their needs.

“St. George Design is the ‘sweet spot’ between entrusting your digital reputation to a teenager who knows SnapChat well and a high-priced ad agency costing you tens of thousands of dollars a month to get a down payment,” said Street. “We give you the flexibility to focus on growing your small business and serving your customers while we manage your online presence.”

Another thing that sets St. George Design apart from other web design companies is that the owners are marketing experts.

“I think a lot of web designers are strictly coders; they don’t want to talk to you,” Rue said. “They don’t want to deal with you. They just want to code the website. Our background is marketing. So when we review a website, we review it strictly from a strategy of, ‘How are we going to get you to your doorstep and get people to call you?‘”

Rue explains that the rules of search engine optimization have changed over the years. Before the last five to 10 years, people could do a lot of SEO tricks, he said, but things have changed since the days when someone created a website and search engines research found it. And currently, Google frowns on SEO tricks.

Rue said it’s all about creating “really good content on your website.”

“If you’re a plumber in St. George, you need to make sure the word plumber St. George is on your website,” he said. “You’d be surprised how many websites we come across where you know they sell that particular widget in that city. And those words don’t appear anywhere on their website.

For more information about St. George Design, call 435-275-7689 or visit the company’s website.

Written by STEPHANIE DEGRAW for St. George News.



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