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Big-name celebrities team up with agency Upturn to send Web 3.0 projects “to the metaverse and beyond”

This web 3.0 marketing agency and consulting firm connects NFT and cryptocurrency creators with celebrities.

Not getting enough traffic for your Crypto or NFT project to attract high quality investors? Upturn Agency is becoming one of the top marketing and consulting agencies due to its ability to globally connect web 3.0 product creators with strategies and resources to win high quality investors for their projects. One of their best strategies is connecting your project with top celebrities and verified influencers and their audiences to build your list of potential investors.

Upturn Agency is a strategic marketing and consulting agency specializing in scaling Web 3.0 projects to their full potential. The services they provide include: NFT and Crypto PR, celebrity marketing to their individual Instagram/Twitter fanbases, Twitter marketing, coin listings, and more. The most important service provided by Upturn Agency is celebrity promotion; this is what makes Upturn Agency unique compared to other web 3.0 marketing agencies. Their celebrity roster includes over 250 well-known influencers from around the world who have verified active fanbases on social media and pop culture media (TV and magazines).

The company has a team of over 50 industry professionals with over eight years of marketing experience who help guide creators through their amazing marketing process. Upturn has curated a combined reach of over 1.5 billion unique social media followers, which has helped their clients generate over $8 million in mint sales. This has earned the agency top clients around the world who trust its process.

Upturn’s celebrity marketing process can be as simple as choosing the celebrity, campaign dates providing content, and waiting for the results. Despite the ease of the process, the agency protects its celebrity influencers and clients by reviewing all projects beforehand to ensure optimal results. To learn more about Upturn’s services and more, check them out on Instagram @upturnagency or their website for more information. Find out why Upturn is one of the most renowned Crypto & NFT marketing and consulting agencies in the world.

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