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BlueFly Studios will offer web design and WordPress hosting services

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Clients looking for a one-stop-shop Internet marketing service provider can now count on BlueFly Studios with its complete web and digital marketing solutions.

TORRANCE, CALIFORNIA, USA, March 1, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Steve Gray, Chief Marketing Officer of BlueFly Studios, today announced that, in line with the company’s vision to become a provider of marketing services One-stop-shop internet, BlueFly Studios offers two additional services such as web design and WordPress hosting to help clients and businesses meet their internet marketing needs, hassle-free.

“Over the past 10 years, we have proven and exemplified our expertise as a full-service digital marketing company. We have played a vital role in helping thousands of clients achieve their organizational goals through our digital marketing solutions. Now it’s time to take the next step to achieve [BlueFly Studios’] vision: to be a one-stop Internet marketing service provider. To start, we will be offering web design and WordPress hosting services,” said Gray.

With over 30 years of industry experience, BlueFly Studios has provided high quality digital marketing services to a number of clients and businesses in various fields. The digital marketing services they offer include social media marketing, search engine optimization, and pay-per-click advertising.

“On top of that, offering web design and WordPress hosting services will help our potential and loyal customers meet their web and digital marketing needs, without switching from one service provider to another,” Gray added. .

BlueFly Studios web design services focus on e-commerce, WordPress website, custom website and web maintenance. Some of the benefits of using their web design services are:
Establish industry authority, gain customer trust and build online presence and visibility;
Draw the attention of potential customers and visitors to your brand, products, services and special offers; and
Improve user experience and reduce your site’s bounce rate.

On the other hand, their WordPress hosting services are centered around e-commerce hosting, cloud hosting, and colocation hosting. Their hosting plans include a 30-day money back guarantee, instant WordPress install, uptime guarantee, bandwidth allocation, random access memory, data storage, different software, and more. others. As for the benefits of hiring their WordPress hosting services, customers can expect and will get: 24/7/365, comprehensive and timely technical support; increase in site traffic; and a secure website free from cyberattacks and hacks.

Customers and visitors can now inquire about additional services. For more information on web design and WordPress hosting services, visit https://blueflystudios.com/web-design-services/ and https://blueflystudios.com/wordpress-hosting-services/.

About BlueFly Studios

BlueFly Studios is a full-service digital marketing company offering a range of online marketing solutions for various fields. They are committed to helping businesses meet their needs and build their brand in the online marketplace through digital marketing, web design, and WordPress hosting services. For more information about BlueFly Studios, visit https://blueflystudios.com/ or call 1 (626) 587-8517.

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