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Doxee will sponsor the Web Marketing Festival

Doxee is pleased to participate as a sponsor in the web marketing festivalthe largest festival of digital and social innovation, from June 16 to 18, 2022.

The Web Marketing Festival continues to be a education, culture and innovation accelerator which brings together companies from many sectors to discuss, reflect and build towards a digital future.

This year will feature startups and companies from all over the world, with more … than 100 events and conferences for education, business, B2B meetings, networking, culture and entertainment.

Digitization, sustainability, education and training, research, inclusion and accessibility, health, legal issues, employment and entrepreneurship are the main themes that will be discussed during the event.

In addition to training on Web Marketing and the key topics of Digital Innovation, the professionals present will have a general overview of trends and novelties in the world of technological innovation.

On Saturday June 18, Francesco Compianiproduct manager Doxeee ix, will present” Personalized and interactive video at the heart of a rewarding customer experience.” In this session, he will present the potential of Doxee Pvideo® to help companies redesign the enterprise customer journey through personalized and interactive videos.

Doxee Pvideo® enables companies to create interactive and personalized communications with customers by delivering messages effectively and in a way that is both compelling and memorable through the use of personalized video.

It combines the power of personalized storytelling with the effectiveness of actions taken directly in video content with high conversion rates so you can communicate effectively with millions of users, establishing consistent and valuable two-way communication.

Come visit us at the Web Marketing Festival at booth 31, room C1!


Rimini Fair

Via Emilia 155, 47921 – Rimini

Participation is subject to registration.