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EOW Raid in Manla: Asset Investigation Continues Against Jaiswal Brothers Who Trade Over 21 Black Ration Shops – Mandal News: EOW Raids in ManlaNews WAALI

Nainpur (Naidunia News). The Jaiswal brothers, who became millionaires by stealing from the poor, do not take the name of reducing their suffering. EOW recovers assets from raids. The entire heritage of the Jaiswal brothers is currently being appraised. According to officials attached to the EOW, the dispute of the case will be submitted to the court shortly after the assessment of the value of the entire property.

Measures have been taken

Raju Jaiswal, a resident of Ward No. 4, and Ganesh Jaiswal of Ward No. 9 were arrested on October 1, while Jabalpur’s Economic Crimes Wing obtained court warrants on October 1 at their residences. Both teams rode through rental and warehouse stores. In the raid conducted by the EOW team, they were also surprised to find a Charavani, a four-wheeler, a two-wheeler, a JCB machine and some money. The 5 a.m. attack continued until 11 p.m. Eventually, the team was forced to seize 14 bank accounts from the two men, as well as duplicate bank documents from the post office, which are still under investigation, with no accounting action yet. socket.

well acquired

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Raju Jaiswal and Ganesh Jaiswal allocated 21 ration shops in urban and rural areas in collaboration with the District Food Officer through a private committee, Sai Krupa Rural Consumption Shops, Urban Consumption Shops Sai Krupa, Priyadarshini Consumer Stores and Marketing Cooperative Society in Urban and Rural Areas. It is run by these two men and a huge amount of black money is collected on the black market. Both men also acquired huge assets in the name of their wives and children out of which EOW Samiti Parabandhak was issued against Raju Jaiswal and his wife Sangeeta Jaiswal under Sections 13 1B, 13(2), 1986 Amendment Act 2018 and 120B, 109. The Indian Penal Code was considered.

The same was registered under Section 109 of the Amendment Act 1986 2018 and 120B against Ganesh Jaiswal and his wife Anita Jaiswal. The men and their wives were released on bail and given ten days to respond and not tamper with the evidence.

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Assets seized by EOW

Residences of Raju Jaiswal and Ganesh Jaiswal, shops, 15 registers, iron-cement color paint making machines in three shops, around Rs 13 lakh in cash, 500 grams of gold and 2 kg of silver were seized in 4 stores. Crore is around Rs. 5 four-wheeled vans, a four-wheeled Marazzo, 5 motorcycles, 4 Activa vehicles and a JCB machine were seized. Also all bank accounts were seized.

20 to 25 years ago there were day laborers

About 20 to 25 years ago, Raju Jaiswal worked as a day laborer at the government-run Lemps ration store, from where the committee was formed. After allocating the ration store, he started to manage it, then engaged his younger brother Ganesh Jaiswal in this work, gradually formed committees by the two, allocating the ration store, black market, collected the surplus assets and A. A few days, Nainpur, I became a millionaire.

The fertilizer department is popular

It is reported that the district food officer and the fertilizer supply officer continued to protect them both. As a result, millions of people have become property owners within a few years. At the same time, the government is trying to distribute free rations to the poor during the lockdown. But these people used to cheat in their rations and sell food grains from the trucks of Nagpur Jabalpur at exorbitant prices. Although townspeople have relayed this information to fertilizer officials on several occasions, officials continue to collect in the name of action.

More goods than expected

Manjeet Singh DSP Financial Crimes Unit Jabalpur informed that Raju Jaiswal and Ganesh Jaiswal acquired assets beyond their income. TOTAL CASH JEWELER PLOT REGISTRATION HOUSE WAREHOUSE TWO WHEEL FOUR WHEEL FORM 4 CORE CEMENT IRON PAINT MAKING MACHINE FOUND OTHER THAN THREE STORES. All these properties are being assessed by a surveyor. It takes about a month to assess both properties. At present, a list of items kept in the shop has been compiled and all bank accounts have been seized. Nivari is also looking to find out where the investment came from when three stores started operations behind Etka and Kharmai Temple. The three shops have goods worth around one crore of rupees. Where that money comes from is a matter of investigation when you start earning.

The entire property is valued in one month

In Jabalpur Financial Crimes Cell, Raju Jaiswal and Ganesh Jaiswal are said to have acquired more property than today. The entire property will be valued within approximately one month.-Manjit Singh, DSP, EOW Jabalpur.

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