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Examples of lead-generating websites (and how to create one)

More … than 70% of B2B buyers today are tech-savvy millennials, and they research your business online before contacting you. So, if you don’t provide a smooth website user experience, chances are you’re losing leads to competitors.

5 Examples of Lead Generating Websites for Manufacturers

So what kinds of other website components are needed to generate high-quality leads? Check out the following examples of manufacturers and industrial companies.

CJ Winter

CJ Winter is a thread rolling company that created a website to educate the industry on the cold rolling process and tools. Free information resources are available throughout the website for prospects to engage. There are directional cues on landing pages to encourage visitors to visit those pages and submit their information. An exit intent popup also appears as a last-ditch effort to capture a visitor’s information when the visitor attempts to leave the page. CJ Winter began seeing an average 113% increase in lead generation quarter over quarter.

To take their lead generation efforts even further, they A/B tested a yellow arrow on a landing page and online form submissions increased even further. Form submissions to the page with a yellow arrow, measured by the number of people successfully submitting the form and being redirected to the thank you page, saw a whopping 76% increase.

manufacturing landing page website example - lead generation website example

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CGR products

CGR products manufactures high quality components. Their goal was to get their products more widely known online, as trade shows weren’t as effective anymore. They have redesigned their website with high quality images and videos, especially on the home page. Sample galleries, a materials section, and industry-focused pages drive engagement and lead generation — to be exact, 280% lead growth per month. To support the influx of leads, they’ve implemented marketing automation to make it easier for their reps to track which leads are downloading assets.

CGR Product Manufacturing Lead Generation Website ExampleDavenport machine

Davenport Machine has been revolutionizing multi-spindle screwdriver technology for over 100 years. Their strategically placed unique landing page CTAs are powerful lead generation assets. Their Contact Us button is animated, and their RFP and Engineering Newsletter subscription CTAs are well positioned to engage with a website visitor based on what stage the website visitor is in. in their buying process.

Davenport Machine lead generator website exampleMagnetic Triad

Magnetic triad is a manufacturer providing solutions for power conversion, filtering, isolation, etc. They have redesigned their website with their prospects and customers in mind by offering them an optimized interface online product catalog. To encourage lead generation, their homepage offers multiple types of CTAs with contrasting (but on-brand!) colored buttons and text for visitors to search for products and submit a price request. The “Get in touch with our team” CTA footer follows the visitor as they browse the products. Triad is currently experiencing a 57% increase in online submissions and a 70% increase in overall Contact Us page views.

Triad Magnetics Lead Generating Website Manufacturing Product Catalog

Aerial innovations

Aerial innovations is a leader in environmental control systems and has redesigned its website to reach the right buyers and be seen as a thought leader in the industry. After implementing keyword-optimized headers and creating an SEO-focused “Knowledge Base” section, they began to see a 2,060% increase in website clicks year over year. other and ranked #1 in Google search results for “positive pressure vs. negative pressure”.

Air Innovations - Environmental Systems Manufacturing Lead Generating Website Example

Thomas badges on their website footer also serve as additional social proof for B2B buyers who confirm that the company has up-to-date and accurate information. In addition, the supplier can be contacted directly on Thomasnet.com using the “Contact” or “Request a quote” buttons by potential buyers.

corrugated metals

An updated website is the foundation of all of our online growth efforts. And to further increase their reach, manufacturers who advertise their business on Thomasnet.com are seen by over 1.2 million registered B2B buyers, engineers and procurement professionals. Complete your profile for free today and get more high-quality leads.

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“We set a record for first quarter quotes, increasing quotes by 197% over the previous year,” said – Corrugated Metals. “The average quote value has gone up. The sales team can’t believe how many great opportunities they have now. Participating in the Thomas program has changed the way I market my business.”

Corrugated Metals has updated their website to be responsive and host a myriad of educational content to help their buyers source faster and make smarter business decisions. Content generates three times more leads than outbound marketing, and it does so at a fraction of the cost. Today, being mobile-friendly isn’t just a good option – it’s paramount to reaching users when and where they need information, as many shoppers browse on tablets and mobile devices.

It is essential to regularly offer new content. And no unnecessary, generic “hey, we still exist” content. We’re talking about real things that enlighten, encourage, educate, attract and engage. Check out some successful examples in 10 Content Marketing Ideas That Engage Buyers Today.


How to Create a Lead Generating Website

Your website should be one of your most valuable marketing tools, but it shouldn’t be just about design. There are many components involved like content marketing and SEO.

We recommend that you create a marketing plan for the creation of your website so that you do not miss any opportunity. It takes research, time, and commitment, but will help you focus on making your business a success. Here are some general rules to follow when building a lead-generating website:

  1. Document your current performance metrics and analyze your existing site on its history, including number of visits, time spent on site, bounce rate, etc.
  2. Use marketing software like HubSpot, Google Analytics, and Thomas WebTrax to track your efforts and see what’s working.
  3. Determine your goals. What are your key products and services? What markets do you want to break into? Which key customers are you targeting? What do you want to promote? The clearer your goals are, the more powerful your website will be in achieving them. For example, “to increase site traffic by 50% over the next six months”.
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  4. Analyze the competition to see how you compare. Based on your research, make an action list of areas you can improve and what you can do differently from your competition.
  5. Design your website around your personas. Your website isn’t just about you. Your visitors ask, “What’s in it for me?” » Create website content that addresses their challenges and explains how your services can meet those needs.
  6. Identify conversion opportunities. This means having calls to action (CTAs) to entice a website visitor to take action, such as offering a free eBook, subscribing to an email newsletter, purchasing a product, etc.
    To learn: 9 Simple Tips for Creating a Lead-Generating eBook
  7. Use effective CTAs that make it clear to the prospect what action to take next. Place them where they are most visible and use contrasting colors to make them stand out from the rest of your website.
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  8. When updating your website, it is important to consider the loading time. People just won’t stick around for a slow loading site. Security is also important, as search engines have already started to penalize insecure sites.

It is important to understand that a lead generation website design begins before the site is even “designed”. Often people get caught up in how the website looks, and that focus overshadows how well it works. Thomas can run a free digital health check on your website to see how strong your online presence is, where you can improve, and how you should start your plan.

Copy of B2B buyer statistics infographic - lead generator website

Review your website with experts

Today, it is no longer enough to publish a website and be done with it. According to B2B statistics, 73% of B2B buyers surveyed said they pay attention to a supplier’s website when deciding whether or not to submit RFIs. The content you provide is critical to making your business a trusted resource and leader to do business with. request a free digital health check with our industrial marketing experts. We are the only ones marketing agency supported by graduate engineers so that we understand the complexities of your industry and can design a website and create content that engages the B2B audience you want to do business with.

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“A key thing about Thomas is the ability to generate lots of leads in various industries. We wanted to help educate our customers,” Renown Electric said. “Through e-books, blogs, revamped website, they actually leverage our own knowledge and customers appreciate the insight.”

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