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There was a time when cryptocurrencies were considered too risky for assets. Cut to the present and investors and analysts can’t help but rave about the financial instrument. The shift in perception can be attributed to how advances in blockchain technology have helped cryptocurrencies add more investor-friendly features and allow innovators to deploy products that allow investors to do more than just invest. .

Today, cryptocurrency platforms allow their investors to create dApps, earn rewards by playing blockchain-based games, and invest in non-fungible tokens (NFT). It can be confusing to choose a reliable cryptocurrency at a time when the market is flooded with so many options. However, you can always start by researching some of the top names like Big Eyed Coin (BIG), Polkadot (DOT) and Flow (FLOW) and compare them. Here is an overview of some of the characteristics of these cryptocurrencies.

Big Eyes Coin – Eliminating DeFi Protocol Confusion

Big Eyes is an upcoming meme coin that has been designed to encourage more investors to try out DeFi protocols for wealth generation. To achieve its goal, Big Eyes has worked to simplify not only access to DeFi platforms, but also investors’ understanding of them.

For starters, its user-friendly interface and backend system will give users more confidence to navigate the Big Eyes platform. Additionally, resources like tutorials and how-to guides will help them deepen their knowledge of DeFi and cryptocurrencies. Its native token is BIG which can be used for all kinds of transactional uses on the network and will be available for purchase on presale. These transactional uses will include NFT trading, acquiring a pool of liquidity, staking, earning rewards, and paying fees, among other uses.

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Buyers will be able to buy BIG Tokens either through their debit or credit cards or through cryptocurrencies such as BNB or ETH. If a buyer is using a debit or credit card, they will need to purchase BNB or ETH tokens first and then use them for the transaction. They should also ensure that their digital wallet is activated and linked to WalletConnect. The Big Eyes team recommends Trust Wallet for its mobile users and MetaMask for its desktop users. Now all users have to do is select the payment method and pay. They will be able to access purchased tokens on the claims page after the presale ends.

The token supply was set at 200,000,000,000 tokens and nearly 90% of the tokens were set aside for sale. The remaining 10% of tokens will be split between the charity wallet and the marketing wallet.

Big Eyes will levy a 10% tax on all NFT transactions. Proceeds from the tax will be split between original sellers, token holders, and the charity wallet. The platform also plans to dedicate 5% of the token supply to charitable donations. All of these donations are transparent and users can track them through the charity wallet.

Going forward, Big Eyes plans to partner with social media influencers to spread awareness about the platform. Additionally, there will be a store where users can purchase official Big Eyes merchandise. Additionally, the platform has a participation incentive policy, so users can expect to receive NFTs and BIG Tokens as rewards.

Polkadot’s Manta Network Announces Trust Installation Ceremony

Polkadot is an interoperable system of interconnected sovereign blockchains called parachains. With its network of parachains, PolkaDot enables its users to seamlessly transfer data and assets. Its native token is DOT and it can be used for staking and other similar transactional uses. In a recent development, the Polkadot Privacy Project Manta Network announced its installation ceremony which will bring together 5,000 participants where they will lay the foundations of the payment service.

The FLOW token will be available on the Dapper Wallet

Flow is a decentralized tool for developers that helps them build experience-rich services. It has a thriving community of developers building the future of Web 3.0. Its native FLOW token can be used for all transactional uses on the network. Recently, Flow announced that its native token will be integrated into Stylish wallet. Apart from Lilico and Blocto, users will now be able to purchase the Flowverse Mystery Pass NFT from Dapper Wallet as well.

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