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Google from the web and other sites say featured snippet

Google is testing new types of snippets titled “From the Web” and “Other Sites Say”. This featured snippet includes multiple sources from around the web, not just a single source like most featured snippets.

Here is a screenshot of this as spotted by Vlad Rappoport on Twitterhe said “Google is testing a new type of ‘From the Web’ box for product reviews.”

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You can click on the image to enlarge it.

I can’t reproduce this featured excerpt, but maybe you can? It looks like every line in the featured snippet hyperlinks to the source.

Here is Sarah Blocksidge’s “other sites say” snippet at Twitter:

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We’ve seen reviews on the web for local panels and breaking news on the web for news-oriented sources – but not that, I don’t think.

Here are some other people seeing this:

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