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Google launches Data Studio dashboard for Web Stories

Google has created a sample Data Studio template called the Web Stories Insights Dashboard. It provides insight into the performance of your Google Web Stories.

Web Stories are visual and actionable full-screen mobile stories that can be found through Google Search and Discover.

Metrics you can view in Web Stories Insights Dashboard. There are two main tabs: Overview and Story Level. Among the metrics you can view on this dashboard:

  • Key indicators: Story starts, page views, time spent, and completion rate (number of story completions divided by story starts).
  • Audience measurements: Age, gender and device.
  • Top stories: Your top 10 stories in a selected time period, sorted by Story Starts.
  • Traffic channels: Insight into how people found and read your web stories – organic, direct search (which includes Discover), referral, social, email, or custom.
  • Story performance: Key metrics and pageview breakdown for a specific story.

For this model to work, you must first set up tracking for your web stories in Google Analytics (or another analytics provider). Regardless of the editor you use to create web stories, you will need to provide your UA tracking ID. Once done, you can view performance statistics by going to Behavior > Events > Preview.

Then you’ll be able to see metrics like story starts, time spent, story pages viewed, and stories completed:

What is the The Web Stories Insights dashboard looks like. This:

Web Stories Insights dashboard, created in Google Data Studio

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How to get the dashboard. You can access the dashboard here.

Once you’re there, simply select your analytics account from the drop-down menu to see your data. Also, you can copy the template and customize it to your liking.

For more information, you can check out this blog post. Google has also shared a video that walks you through setting up and using the dashboard.

Why we care. Data is king. This template provides a visual overview to help you determine the performance of your Google Web Stories. You can see how engaging your content is and how people are finding your stories. It’s essential to track the performance of any content you invest time and resources in.

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