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Granarolo adds a slice of Industria Latticini G. Cuomo to the active ingredients of the cheese

Italian manufacturer Granarolo has again decided to expand its cheese business with the acquisition of 60% of mozzarella manufacturer Industria Latticini G.Cuomo.

Financial terms were not disclosed. Industria Latticini G.Cuomo makes cheese, including mozzarella and ricotta.

Based in Aprilia, central Italy, the family-owned business had “an average pre-Covid turnover” of 12 million euros ($12.3 million), Granarolo said. The company employs 34 people.

The Cuomo family will continue to work with the company.

“For some time Granarolo has focused its attention on the cheese market, which makes the most of our local milk and is a standard bearer for our best ‘Made in Italy’ products abroad,” said the president. by Granarolo, Gianpiero Calzolari.

In October last year, Granarolo bought local gorgonzola supplier Mario Costa and said it would look to boost the new asset’s presence at home and abroad.

That same month, Granarolo entered the US market after acquiring local cheese producer and distributor Calabro Cheese Corp.

In May this year, the group acquired a majority stake in White & Seeds, a local start-up marketing protein-enriched foods.

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