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How Car Dealerships Can Convert Web Traffic Into High-Quality Leads

How can you effectively influence buyers in today’s online marketplace filled with so much of your competition? On today’s show we dive into this topic, we are pleased to welcome Ron Morrison, President and CEO of Pure Influencer. Pureinfluencer converts web traffic into leads for car dealerships.

Pureinfluencer helps car dealerships achieve their business goals by listening, connecting its industry-leading technology to dealership systems, and creating a simple approach to conversion and sales.

Morrison started the conversation by discussing his experience with the COVID-19 pandemic. When dealers had no one in the showroom, it created new challenges never before seen in the industry. Morrison said last year’s challenges have turned into current issues facing the industry, such as the continued shortage of semiconductor chips that is hampering car production. One lesson everyone in the industry has had to learn is resilience, and Morrison is confident dealer groups will recover from this crisis as they were able to rebound in 2020.

Dealerships in today’s world have more website traffic than they know what to do with. However, very few website visitors turn into real leads. Pureinfluencer helps simplify the process of finding the most obvious first-party leads. The company offers artificial intelligence solutions as well as experience in CRM and business development. Pure influencers showtraffic is a digital sales platform that initiates the buying process as customers proactively purchase vehicles from a dealership’s website. The myTraffic platform informs dealers about customer data and search habits. This allows dealers to work directly with highly engaged prospects.

Many conversion providers offer solutions that flood dealerships with new leads that close at a very low rate. This ends up costing the dealer lots of money without generating the return on investment associated with closing deals. Pureinfluencer uses a different approach, in which the company focuses its efforts on generating qualified leads that close at a higher rate. Morrison assures dealers they will see at least 30% more first-party leads.

To learn more about the solutions offered by Pureinfluencer, visit pureinfluencer.com.

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