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HOUSTON, May 26, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Liquidity Services, a leading global trading company powering the circular economy, in partnership with Apex Auctions, has been selected by a North American energy company to sell equipment through the intermediary of its Capital Assets group.

Over 5,000 items from the canceled project will be available to energy buyers through Liquidity Services’ online marketplace, AllSurplus. Auction highlights include large bore valves, power generation and distribution equipment, induction motors, pipeline instruments, operational support equipment, pipeline fittings and flanges.

“Macroeconomic factors have lengthened traditional lead times. The availability of this material reduces lead times for operators currently purchasing for new construction and expansion projects,” said Jeff Morter, director of energy liquidity services, Capital Assets Group.

Cataloging and valuation of the 5,000 project assets is underway. The Liquidity Services Capital Group will continually add equipment as it becomes available. Buyers are encouraged to visit the auction website for updates on all available materials.

About Liquidity Services
Liquidity Services (LQDT) operates the world’s largest B2B e-commerce marketplace platform for surplus assets with over $9 billion in transactions completed from over 4.7 million qualified buyers and 15,000 corporate and government vendors around the world. It supports its customers’ sustainability efforts by helping them extend the life of assets, prevent unnecessary waste and carbon emissions, and defer products from landfill.

About AllSurplus
AllSurplus is the world’s leading marketplace for surplus business assets ranging from heavy equipment to transportation assets and industrial machinery. AllSurplus is the smarter and faster way to sell excess inventory and equipment because sellers can directly launch and manage their listings in just days with more control and lower fees than traditional auction solutions . AllSurplus is powered by one of the most experienced and trusted companies in the Surplus industry: Liquidity Services (LQDT), which has supported millions of clients around the world. AllSurplus buyers have direct access to all surplus assets on Liquidity Services’ network of marketplaces. in a centralized location.

About Apex Auctions
For over 20 years, Apex Group has helped companies around the world buy, sell and manage their surplus assets. Apex helps bridge the gap between buyer and seller using its industry-leading transaction platform, extensive buyer database, and accurate marketing and sales. Apex has designed a six-step program to help clients whether they are buying, selling or managing assets. Their linear process can be run in order from start to finish or a bespoke combination can be created to meet a client’s specific needs. Either way, Apex customers will always receive service that is backed by strong leadership, policy and strategy and backed by our easy-to-use, yet powerful technology.