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Purplebricks Record Web Traffic Despite G…

A real estate media analyst says Purplebricks has record traffic to its website thanks to its “relentless” marketing and vast budget.

“Whether you like to admit it, their marketing is on point. Their quirky ads and slogans are grabbing the attention that has made them a household name,” says Raj Dosanjh, who runs comparative fee platform Rentround, and who is also a real estate industry analyst.

Dosanjh cites two marketing examples from Purplebricks in 2021 that appear to have produced substantial improvements in his website traffic.

The first was the sponsorship of the Olympic team Team GB, which Dosanjh said would have cost around £10million. “During the last quarter, site traffic since the Olympics increased by 41% compared to the average number of monthly visitors since 2019,” he said.

Purplebricks also launched a major TV campaign in September – it’s still ongoing – and Dosanjh says this led to substantial multimedia outreach, including a YouTube video ad getting over two million views.

However, the analyst finds at least one weak point in Purplebricks’ marketing statistics: Google searches.

“Purplebricks” is searched less often than before on Google and has remained static at around 550,000 searches per month since the start of the summer.

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“Never has there been a consecutive three month period where the term was searched at the current low volume. If you removed April 2020 which saw the first lockdown and [all] Month of December, the term has never had a single month searched so rarely,” notes Dosanjh.

It also says related searches — “purplebricks estate agents,” “purple brick reviews” and “purple bricks for sale” — were down 45%, 19% and 19% respectively.

This performance comes despite Purplebricks’ substantial spending on Google Ads; Dosanjh calculates that this spending amounted to £176,000 in the last month alone – although this is a shadow of the agency’s reported spending of £500,000 a month on Google Ads in the distant past.

There are many more details in Dosanjh’s analysis, which you can see full here.