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Why web accessibility must be a basic offer among agency services

Thousands of agencies have embraced web accessibility as part of their service offerings, making their clients’ websites accessible and inclusive for everyone. Your initial instinct may be to jump into the accessibility game to mitigate the legal risks of inaccessible websites, but did you know that web accessibility is actually just a good strategic business decision to make? Adding web accessibility to your service offerings comes with many unbeatable benefits, such as better online reputation, increased revenue streams, and improved website user experience for your customers.

Making your customers’ websites accessible means extending their reach to the 15% of the world’s population living with disabilities, while removing the barriers that often limit online community participation. People with disabilities are loyal consumers to sites they find inclusive and accessible, and they want to exercise their purchasing power and enjoy the goods and services that the digital world contains.

Including web accessibility among your service offerings is a great business opportunity that no agency should pass up, rather than a legal requirement that you must comply with. Here’s why web accessibility is now a standard service offering for agencies of all sizes:

Open new revenue channels while doing the right thing

As an agency, you are called upon to achieve financial goals for your clients. Web accessibility can help you achieve this goal, potentially increasing your revenue when you open your customers’ products and services to the 15% of the population living with a disability. With your customers’ newly accessible websites, people with disabilities will be able to complete transactional processes and will have an easier time doing so.

You’re also looking for ways to generate new revenue for your agency, right? When you incorporate web accessibility into your suite of offerings, you provide a quote to your customers just as you would for development or design services. With every website you make accessible, you increase agency revenue while working as an inclusive brand.

Accessible websites perform better

If your customers’ digital assets are accessible to everyone, it dramatically improves the user experience, leading to lower bounce rates, longer dwell time, higher conversion rates, improved SEO rankings, and , ultimately, an increase in performance.

This new and improved user experience also leads to a potential increase in traffic to your customers’ websites (due to the additional 15% of the world’s population), and this new audience will become loyal customers who will come back for more. They will also spread the word to their friends and family, thus widening the reach of the audience and, therefore, the traffic even further.

Improve your e-reputation for you and your customers

Inclusion efforts are in full swing for 2022 and you should be an agency that implements diversity, equity and inclusion best practices, especially in the digital sphere. Consumers are loyal to brands that align with inclusive efforts and initiatives, which means web accessibility could give you and your customers a leg up on the competition – with sites Web accessible.

Mitigate the legal risks associated with inaccessibility

Creating and producing accessible websites maintains legislative compliance, such as under the US ADA and UK Equality Act, and mitigates the risk of legal implications. It’s valuable time and money saved in the long run, while your agency remains inclusive and aligned with relevant legislation. To put your customers on the path to compliance, you need to know where to start and what to adjust on their websites. With aceaccessiBe’s free audit tool, companies serving the US market can also instantly discover how accessible customers’ websites are and what legislative requirements they must meet.

Web accessibility is a win-win for everyone

Making your clients’ websites accessible and inclusive is a win-win for your agency, your clients, and people with disabilities. Your customers grow their audience while seeing their sites perform better, and people with disabilities get ultimate and equal access to the web. Just try to find a better win-win that includes everyone.

Now that you understand the benefits that come with integrating web accessibility into your offerings, you’d also be happy to find out just how simple implementing web accessibility really is. Technologies such as artificial intelligence have ensured that achieving web accessibility is not a complicated process, but rather a simple task that can be initiated by accessiBe. accessWidgetwhich hosts a simple two-minute installation using JavaScript code that allows you to make your customers’ websites accessible.

Ultimately, making your customers’ websites accessible and inclusive isn’t a daunting task. Instead, it’s an agency-friendly solution that allows agencies of all sizes to include web accessibility as a staple in their service offerings to their clients.

The opportunity to embrace web accessibility is here and now. Book a demo and learn more about accessiBe’s partner program, where you can apply for your free agency license today.