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YouTube accounts for 37% of mobile web traffic worldwide

According to data revealed in a new report, YouTube is responsible for 37% of all mobile web traffic.

the report from Sandvine details which applications generate the most downstream mobile web traffic in the world.

Traffic is measured in megabytes, which might explain why YouTube has such a lead over other apps.

By comparison, Facebook accounts for just 8.4% of mobile web traffic.

“YouTube accounts for the most megabytes at 37%, far ahead of Facebook at 8.4% and Snapchat at 8.3%. Netflix, which accounts for the most internet traffic overall, only manages 2. 4% for mobile.”

Here is a full list of the apps mentioned in the report along with their share of mobile web traffic:

  • YouTube- 37%
  • Facebook- 8.4%
  • Snapchat – 8.3%
  • Instagram- 5.7%
  • Web browsing – 4.6%
  • Facebook video – 2.5%
  • Netflix – 2.4%
  • WhatsApp- 3.7%
  • App Store – 2.1%
  • Google Play – 1.9%
  • Other – 23.4%

Users consume more content (per megabyte) on YouTube than on any other app. This includes social media and other video apps like Netflix.

Another interesting finding from this data is that Snapchat gets the same amount of mobile traffic as Facebook, despite having a much smaller number of users.

Again, this likely has to do with Snapchat’s video-centric nature. When you factor in Facebook video as well, Facebook starts to get ahead of Snapchat.

People clearly love watching videos on their phones, so why is Netflix so far down the list?

Well, Netflix content is behind a paywall, so that’s a major factor.

However, I think the data says more about the types of video users prefer to watch on mobile devices.

Short-form video content is king on the mobile web, while full-length movies and shows are better suited for computer and TV screens.

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